Physician-Assisted Suicide, The Freedom of Ambivalence, and Why Our Heads are Round

I grew up with the saying “The head is round so that the thoughts can change direction.” When the debate around legislation permitting physician-assisted suicide in California hit the news lately, I was reminded of this saying when I examined my own thoughts and opinions around this law. Urusla-ambivalence-300x200As a member of the disability community, I am engulfed in the discussion around its implications for disabled lives. I wrote against proposed assisted suicide laws from a disability activist position when I lived in Europe and they were introduced there. The nightmares Jack Kevorkian and Peter Singer created are still powerful and the concern over a law that could ever be used to suggest from the outside that anybody’s life is unbearable (or less worthy, or too expensive) and should therefore be ended prematurely is well justified by history.

But then I was diagnosed with cancer some years ago… (Continue to read in Psyched in San Francisco Magazine)